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Shutting down for good

Dear user,
for almost two years we have provided a free URL shortener here at Our goal was to offer a free and open platform for users to create short URLs.
In order to achieve this goal, we decided to focus on giving our users a lot of freedom. We allowed anyone to shorten URLs without registering (in fact, we didn't even offer the possibility to do so...), we gave you the ability to choose your own keyword for the short URL instead of forcing random strings on you, we set our mission to protect your private data as best we could by adhering to even stricter privacy policies than German law required us anyway. And finally, we opened our API for anyone to be able to easily integrate our services into their own applications.

However, time has shown that there was little interest in from legitimate users. As happy as we were to see more than half a million shortened URLs in our database, we had to realize that the vast majority of them was spam. Our hosting providers have forwarded many abuse complaints to us and even though we have of course taken great care to avoid spam and we still believe that there is no way for a service like ours not to be abused, yet being crucial for today's internet, we did not want to offer as a platform for spammers.
Therefore, we have decided to shut down as of today.

You will not be able to shorten new URLs, neither via the web interface nor using our API. Already shortened URLs will stay available for some time. Currently, we have no plans to continue or a similar service in the future.

We want to thank anyone who has used our service for their support. We hope you understand our decision.

the team
April 11, 2014